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Java I - Introduction: syntax & semantics, developer tools, applications, applets, apps, examples and exercises.
Java II - Advanced Java: (requires skills from Java I): concepts of J2EE, object relational mapping, web applications, GUI development, examples and exercises.
Java III - Selected topics from Java II, workshop.


Linux I - Using Linux: concepts, tricks and applications (for beginners)
Linux II - Linux for administrators: effective administration for professionals (with a short introduction to bash programming), exercises (distribution independent).
Linux III - Linux and network: firewalling, DHCPD, DNS, web wervices, etc., exercises.
Bash programming - Bash syntax & semantics, examples and exercises.


Databases - Concepts, modelling, administration, SQL (Oracle & PostreSQL & MySQL)
PL/(pg)SQL - Procedural Language SQL in Oracle und PostgreSQL

... see this download for a list of all modules (German only).